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Kukkapuro, the master of chairs

Yrjö Kukkapuro is one of the most famous designers in the world. His Karuselli chair was rated as "the most comfortable chair in the world" by The New York Times in 1970s. 

kukkapuro, finnish design, chair, karuselli










In this short video Kukkapuro, The Master of Chairs, the master himself tells his life story in his home studio.

(photos by YIN Zi)

Nikari, a wood tale continues...

Nikari is a company established for more than half a century. It specialises on wood products made with Finnish wood by Finnish workers.






















In this short video Nikari, A Tale of Wood, the founder and carpenter Kari Virtanen tells his passion of wood.

(photos by YIN Zi)


Koroma's tips on a bigger space

As an interior architect, Hanni Koroma has her tricks to make small space bigger. 

hanni koroma,interior architect,finnish design,bigger space








In this short video A Bigger Space, she explains the tips in her home studio. 

(photo from the video)


Jokiniemi, the blind design manager who brings light to people

Jukka Jokiniemi is a blind design manager. His company's main product - bright light, brings light and happiness to people in the dark Nordic winter.












In this short video, Light for Happiness, Jokiniemi tells his story. 

(photos by YIN Zi)

Kaisakirjasto, a library for all

Kaisakirjasto is the main library of University of Helsinki in downtown Helsinki. The space was built on a parking lot between two old buildings in the middle of historical area. 

kaisatalo,kaisakirjasto,aoa,library design,helsinki library








In this short video Kaisakirjasto, A Library For All, the architects couple of AOA tells their winning idea. 

(photo from the video)

KIASMA, a space created with light

KIASMA is the meeting point for artists, friends of art and everyone in downtown Helsinki.







































In this short video KIASMA,  A Space Created With Light, the chief curator of KIASMA tells the architectural idea of Steven Holl for this signature space.


(photos by YIN Zi)

Lokal, the showcase of Finnish design

Lokal in central Helsinki is a store and exhibiting platform of the best of contemporary Finnish design.

lokal,finnish design,nordic design,katja hagelstam








lokal,finnish design,nordic design,katja hagelstam










In this short video Lokal, 72% art, 28% coffee, the founder and owner of Lokal tells her inspiration behind the idea.

Pekka Väänänen, the man from the forest

Pekka Väänänen lives and works in Nuuksio, the national park near Helsinki, Finland. He loves and treasures nature. 

























































In this short video The Man from the Forest, he talks about his passion for the land of dream.


(photos by YIN Zi)

Studio Aalto and Aalto House

The Finnish master Alvar Aalto's old home and studio are still well preserved in Munkkiniemi area of Helsinki, Finland.

aalto,alvar aalto,studio aalto,finnish design









aalto,alvar aalto,studio aalto,finnish design









aalto,alvar aalto,studio aalto,finnish design









In this short video Aalto House and Studio Aalto, the director of Aalto Foundation explains the master's idea behind the buildings.


(photos by YIN Zi)




The Home of Trash Design

Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom and Henrik Enbom are the founders of Trash Design.

Their beautiful country house near Helsinki of Finland is also the factory and workshop of their design experiment. 

 trash design,nordic,finnish design,isa and henrik,kukkapuro,finland










 trash design,nordic,finnish design,isa and henrik,kukkapuro,finland










trash design,nordic,finnish design,isa and henrik,kukkapuro,finland












In this short video Trash Design: Isa and Henrik, they tell the story of their life and work. 

(photo by YIN Zi)