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Diaries of a porn addict

Toni Jyvälä is a standup comedian in Finland. What gained him national fame was not his performance, but his online diaries on the fight to internet porn addiction. 

Toni did not realize his depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and erectile malfunction were due to his long time addiction to internet porn during most of his adulthood. Not one single psychologist he saw asked him anything about the addiction. Until one day he bumped into Gary Wilson's talk on TEDx Talk - The Great Porn Experiment, he realized the root of his problems. 

In the video interview Diaries of a porn addict, Toni tells his personal story right in front of camera. His struggle is still going on, and his bravery and courage have inspired many young men around the world who suffer the same condition. 


Photo by Yitiao


Bitter Flowers - a story of Chinese women in Belleville, Paris

Bitter Flowers is Belgian director Olivier Meys' first long feature film. It is a story of a Chinese woman Lina's struggle in Belleville, Paris. Meys used to live and work in China for more than ten years, he found the story of Chinese street workers in Belleville is intriguing, so he teamed up with Chinese screenplay writer A Mei to create a story of Lina. 

Meys believes that he portraits the women in a delicate and respectful way. Through the story, he wants to explore the balance between hope and sacrifice. He also wants to urge people to ponder the present and future, and how an obsessed hope sometimes may not be a good direction to maintain.

In this video interview "Bitter Flowers - a story in Belleville by a Belgian director", Meys tells some background stories about the movie. 

meys.jpg Photo by YIN Zi


Loving Vincent - a story of love

Loving Vincent is the world's first fully hand-painted movie. It took the team over seven years to accomplish this amazing task. The story was initiated by the director Dorota Kobiela, and her husband Hugh Welchman has been a great support behind the idea. The couple has been through many difficulties during the process of movie making.

In this video interview "Loving Vincent - a story of love" at their studio in Sopot, Poland, Welchman said no difficulties they undertook could compare the difficulties Vincent had, and this gave them strength. 

loving vincent, polsih, poland, movie, hugh welchman, dorota kobiela, animation

 Photo by YIN Zi


Vilppula prison - an open jail in middle Finland

Vilppula prison is an open jail near Tampere, Finland. There are about 90 inmates and 30 prison staff in it. The open jail system is not built with 8-meter-tall concrete wall, but invisible rules. No inmates wear any electronic device, and they are free to go out to work, study or participate training. 

In the short film Vilppula Prison, we interviewed two inmates who talked about their experience in Vilppula, compared with their time in closed prison. The director of Vilppula also talked about the meaning of such a system for a better society.

open jail, open prison, vilppula, finland, finnish judicial system, criminal justice

 Photo by YIN Zi


Earthship - An autonomous vessel to live in

Michael Reynolds started to build autonomous housing projects half a century ago. As an visionary, he believes that by using automobile tyres, glass bottles and soda cans, human can live in a more healthy and ecological way and help revive a piece of rainforest on earth. 

In this interview Earthship - An autonomous vessel to live in, Reynolds tells about his believes, mission and hope. 

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Be My Eyes - An app to lend your eyesight and help all

Danish carpenter Han Jorgen Wiberg is a visually-impaired person himself. He invented the iphone app Be My Eyes to help other blind and visually-impaired people to "see" things when they need. What surprised him and his colleagues is that the volunteers are so excited and happy to be able to help.

In this exclusive interview Be My Eyes - an app to lend your eyesight and help all, Hans explains what are the essential ingredients of the invention. 

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Löyly, the essence of Finnish sauna

Löyly is a public sauna along the shore in Helsinki. It was designed by the talented architecture office Avanto. This is the only unisex public sauna in Helsinki, which pushes the Finnish sauna culture further as a social event.

In this short film Löyly, a Social Sauna, the architects Ville Hara and Anu Puustinen tell their ideas behind the design of the building.

löyly,finland,finnish sauna,sauna culture,public sauna,helsinki,avanto

 Photo by Avanto 


Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland is the artistic name of Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen. His gay pornographic art works have had huge impact on gay culture and pop culture since 1960s.

In this short film Tom of Finland, the last lover and life companion of Laaksonen: Durk Dehner talks about the meaning of Tom of Finland to the world and the next generation.  









Photo by YIN Zi


Monokini 2.0 - Who Says You Need Two?

Monokini 2.0 is an art project initiated by two Finnish artists Katriina Haikala and Vilma Metteri. They invited some fashion designers to design unique swimsuits for women who went through mastectomy due to breast cancer. 

In this short film, Monokini 2.0 - Who Says You Need Two?, the two creative artists and two models (survivors) present their ideas and courage to fight against the social norm. 

monokini,breast cancer,mastectomy,social design,finland,helsinki,swimsuit








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殷紫,自由职业者。一直喜欢摄影,但这两年才开始有意识地拍照和录像。多用iPhone 6s,佳能5D I,或各种随手找得到的相机。Instagram:yin_fotoyoga

| 我与摄影 |

我拍的东西都是平时生活所见,多用iPhone。一本正经地端着大相机和其他设备“搞创作”是极少的。2016年初,我把我的instagram用户名改成了yin_fotoyoga,在签名栏写下了“I practice yoga to bend my body, take photo to bend my mind”。我觉得这句话比较符合我现在拍照的状态。尽管我也不太练瑜伽,但是只要我练,就是伸展和放松身体筋骨。我拍照也不那么勤快,但只要拍,我的意识就抽离了生活琐碎,眼睛专注于所见,相当于脑筋舒展和放松。





























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