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  • Digital inheritance, a topic everyone should know about

    According to the analysis by the experts, there will be 4.9 billion dead people on Facebook by 2100. And by 2065, there will be more dead accounts than alive ones on WeChat. What would happen to all the texts, messages, photos and videos in the accounts after the users have passed away? Who has the right to access the account? Who could download or inherit all of those memories which might be valuable to the loved ones? The concept of "digital inheritance" has created before most of us even know what it is about.


    The British psychologist and writer Elaine Kasket's new book All the Ghosts in the Machine: Illusions of Immortality in the Machine tells readers how to think through the issue by her own personal stories and dozens of incredible interviews with netizens and experts in tech and law field. The book also gives practical suggestions to readers where to start and what to do to handle their own digital assets. 


    Yitiao interviewed Elaine Kasket in London via Skype, asked her a few questions about her book, and comments on the Chinese netizens' stories. Here is the story: Digital Heritage: Stories and Discussion.

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    Photo by Yin Zi




  • My treatment in Finland - a feature interview for Breast Cancer Awareness month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women around the world nowadays. 

    We interviewed a Chinese breast cancer survivor who lives in Finland. She told us her struggle with the disease and the successful treatment in the faraway Nordic country. Despite the challenges she had to face daily and the some pities during the treatment, she is cancer free now.

    We hope her story is inspiring and encouraging to every woman. It is important to do self check regularly and take good care of our bodies. You can read the interview story in Chinese here: 我的乳房,生病了


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    Photo by Yin Zi


  • Under, the world's largest restaurant under the sea

    Under is located in a remote fishing village Båly, along the coast line of southern Norway. It's the world's largest restaurant under the sea. Legendary Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta used the most simple "tube" as its constructive form, yet created a stunning effect. The rough concrete facade is designed as a artificial reef to be integrated in the nature. While you walked inside, the gradual color palette mimics the beautiful sunset, coral, then shifts to the deep blue and green of the seabed. In this video Under, the world's largest restaurant under the sea, the leading architects explained their creative thoughts behind the design idea.

    IMG_6355.JPGPhoto by Yin Zi

  • A monochromatic and minimalist home

    Finnish mom Tiina Ilmavirta has a lot of fans on Instagram due to her black and white home setting. Followers are puzzled how she could keep such a pristine home with two little boys. In this video a minimalist home, she explained her interior design idea and how she prefers a simple life with as little things as possible.

    minimalist, finnish design, interior design, monochrome, finnish home, finnish mom

    Photo by Yitiao

  • Oodi, a place for all

    Oodi is the new library in the center of Helsinki, Finland. It belongs to Helsinki city library system, which offers many free services and machines to users, apart from books. The building has attracted over 1 million goers since it's opening in Dec. 2018. 


    In this video Oodi, a place for all, architect Antti Nousjoki explains the design idea behind this unique building. According to him, the contemporary library is no longer just a book storage. It should has more designs to serve people's new needs, it is also a place for people to socialize.


    oodi, library design, finnish library, finnish architecture, helsinki, ala

    Photo by Tuomas Uusheimo

  • Nordic color palette

    Nordic color palette is grey, white and black, due to the long and cold winter. Nordic color palette is neutral, in respect to nature, which extends outdoor scenery to indoor. 

    In this video Nordic Color Palette, Finnish designer Tero Kuittunen shows how Nordic people could also in favor of bright colors, because they are passionate about life. 


    Photo by Yin Zi



  • Diaries of a porn addict

    Toni Jyvälä is a standup comedian in Finland. What gained him national fame was not his performance, but his online diaries on the fight to internet porn addiction. 

    Toni did not realize his depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and erectile malfunction were due to his long time addiction to internet porn during most of his adulthood. Not one single psychologist he saw asked him anything about the addiction. Until one day he bumped into Gary Wilson's talk on TEDx Talk - The Great Porn Experiment, he realized the root of his problems. 

    In the video interview Diaries of a porn addict, Toni tells his personal story right in front of camera. His struggle is still going on, and his bravery and courage have inspired many young men around the world who suffer the same condition. 


    Photo by Yitiao

  • Bitter Flowers - a story of Chinese women in Belleville, Paris

    Bitter Flowers is Belgian director Olivier Meys' first long feature film. It is a story of a Chinese woman Lina's struggle in Belleville, Paris. Meys used to live and work in China for more than ten years, he found the story of Chinese street workers in Belleville is intriguing, so he teamed up with Chinese screenplay writer A Mei to create a story of Lina. 

    Meys believes that he portraits the women in a delicate and respectful way. Through the story, he wants to explore the balance between hope and sacrifice. He also wants to urge people to ponder the present and future, and how an obsessed hope sometimes may not be a good direction to maintain.

    In this video interview "Bitter Flowers - a story in Belleville by a Belgian director", Meys tells some background stories about the movie. 

    meys.jpg Photo by YIN Zi

  • A social elevator in Brussels

    Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen is known for her environmental installation. In this video If I had wings - social elevator, Kaikkonen tells her inspiration of this installation in Marolles, Brussels. 


    Photo by Yin Zi

  • Remembering 1918

    1918 is a year important in the history of Europe. In this video Remembering 1918, the scholars express their thoughts why this year is especially important for their countries (Finland and Lithuania).

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