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  • Oodi, a place for all

    Oodi is the new library in the center of Helsinki, Finland. It belongs to Helsinki city library system, which offers many free services and machines to users, apart from books. The building has attracted over 1 million goers since it's opening in Dec. 2018. 


    In this video Oodi, a place for all, architect Antti Nousjoki explains the design idea behind this unique building. According to him, the contemporary library is no longer just a book storage. It should has more designs to serve people's new needs, it is also a place for people to socialize.


    oodi, library design, finnish library, finnish architecture, helsinki, ala

    Photo by Tuomas Uusheimo

  • Löyly, the essence of Finnish sauna

    Löyly is a public sauna along the shore in Helsinki. It was designed by the talented architecture office Avanto. This is the only unisex public sauna in Helsinki, which pushes the Finnish sauna culture further as a social event.

    In this short film Löyly, a Social Sauna, the architects Ville Hara and Anu Puustinen tell their ideas behind the design of the building.

    löyly,finland,finnish sauna,sauna culture,public sauna,helsinki,avanto

     Photo by Avanto 

  • Monokini 2.0 - Who Says You Need Two?

    Monokini 2.0 is an art project initiated by two Finnish artists Katriina Haikala and Vilma Metteri. They invited some fashion designers to design unique swimsuits for women who went through mastectomy due to breast cancer. 

    In this short film, Monokini 2.0 - Who Says You Need Two?, the two creative artists and two models (survivors) present their ideas and courage to fight against the social norm. 

    monokini,breast cancer,mastectomy,social design,finland,helsinki,swimsuit








    (Photo by YIN Zi)

  • Soupman Marc Aulén

    Marc Aulén is famous for his soup lunch restaurant in Helsinki. 


    Aulén cooks his soups and manages his restaurant with passion. For him, the customers are happy when he is happy. In this short video Soupman Marc Aulén, he performs how to cook one of his favorite signature soups. 

    (photo by YIN Zi)