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Eero Aarnio: The father of ball chair

Aarnio's ball chair is one of the most pirated furnitures in the world. 


At the age of 84, he is still inspirational and working hard. In this short video Eero Aarnio: The father of Ball Chair, he tells the story how he started his career. 

(photo by YIN Zi)


Nido cabin by Robin Falck

Robin Falck designed and built a 9 square meters cabin on his family's lot when he was 18. 


In this short video Nido Cabin, he tells the story how he started the whole project. 


(photo by YIN Zi)


Ilkka Suppanen: Design is for human and environment

According to the renowned Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen, design only makes sense when it's for human or environment. 


In this short video Ilkka Suppanen: Design for Human and Environment, Suppanen explains his thoughts on design and humanity. 

(photo by YIN Zi)


Lokal, the showcase of Finnish design

Lokal in central Helsinki is a store and exhibiting platform of the best of contemporary Finnish design.

lokal,finnish design,nordic design,katja hagelstam








lokal,finnish design,nordic design,katja hagelstam










In this short video Lokal, 72% art, 28% coffee, the founder and owner of Lokal tells her inspiration behind the idea.